I hit the Reset Button

Yup! You read that right, I hit the reset, restart, refocus, realign, replan whatever you want to call it, I HIT THE RESET BUTTON & I’m coming back stronger & better than ever!

I finally made the executive decision to rebrand myself and girl let me tell you….. things are looking cleaner, clearer & way better than before. Now don’t get me wrong “SkinnyGirlWithStyle” will forever be in my heart… but after the wedding, I just didn’t feel like the Skinny “Girl” With Style anymore. I mean I am a married woman now & I feel like I should be addressed as such #noseintheair lol!! But no seriously, it was time for a change & definitely a time to go hard for what I want!

I’d like to reintroduce myself……..

Hello My Name is…..

….. now if you’re one of my loyal followers, you already know that “Ray” is short for my maiden name….(OMG! I have a maiden name now!!……….sorry I’m losing focus, anyway) like I was saying, if you’re one of my loyal followers, you’re probably wondering why I’m going so hard with T.Ray & “Ray” isn’t even my last name anymore!! But to keep it completely honest with you guys… I’ve already built myself on T.Ray………. and I just don’t think T.Dar was fitting lol. (No worries, my husband & my friends agree). But with that, I just felt like it was time for a refocus, rebrand & basically a relaunch!!!!

I plan on taking T.Ray as a brand way more serious than I feel like I did with SGWS…. I actually see myself going places & doing big things this time around…. & I just hope you guys are down for the ride!

Now buckle up Sis, things are about to get REAL!!