How I Edit My Photos!

Right before I hit the reset button, I realized how wrong my Instagram page was…. well not wrong because there’s no right or wrong way to do IG, but I realized that in order for me to get the recognition, exposure, & the aesthetically pleasing page that I always wanted… I needed to make some changes. So I’m excited to share with you guys my favorite iPhone apps and the steps I take to edit my photos!

Step 1: Take Photo (w/ iPhone 11 Pro Max)

I’ve never been the type to get an iPhone right when it drops… but the iPhone 11 Pro Max couldn’t have come at a better time! After I made the decision to reconstruct my instagram page, I knew I needed this 3-lens camera phone to capture some dope new content! But don’t get it confused…. my iPhone 8+ held me all the way down until I got my hands on the 11 Pro Max.

Step 2: VSCO

I’ve had this app for years!! But I never really knew its value until now. This app is everything… & maybe I should let you guys know that I did purchase the app! (Yeah it’s that serious) lol, I think it’s $20/year or something like that….. for a ton of presets, But the app is initially free. If you haven’t downloaded it, do it now!!!

Now I can’t give away which preset I use just yet šŸ˜‰ that’ll be another day… but just know there’s levels to this thing!

Step 3: Facetune

Facetune is definitely a great app to have! It has tons of features, but I literally only use it for one thing lol….. I use Facetune to simply Whiten my backgrounds. I’ve become very strategic with the content that I post these days, so I make sure that I have clean backgrounds & mostly white backgrounds for a cleaner/aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Step 4: Back to VSCO

After whitening my background with Facetune, I go back to VSCO to adjust my preset for the final result!

Step 5: UNUM

This is actually the last step of editing before my photo makes its debut on IG! Like I said I’m very strategic these days, so I use the photo grid on Unum to make sure everything flows & aligns together properly and aesthetically before it hits the gram!