Hello 2020

Happy New Year! *inserts fire works* I know I’m a few days late, but it’s officially the first full week of January in 2020!!! That’s crazy right??? “2020”…. I remember when I use to watch tv shows or movies and they would say “The year is 2020”, and look at us now….We’re officially here!!!

I’m extremely excited about this new year/new decade that we’ve just entered into. I honestly feel like this is going to be a year of major accomplishments & extreme success! Whether that means, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or financially….. it’s going to be extremely successful! But there’s a few things that I personally have to do in order for me to manifest this success.

The first thing that I’m committing to this year is writing down all of my thoughts, plans & goals. I read a post on IG the other day that said “Goals that are not WRITTEN are not goals, they are wishes that will never happen. WRITE it down!” These first few days of the year, I have been making extra effort to write down everything that I want to do & accomplish before the day ends… and I will admit this is going to be something that I really have to work on, but it has definitely been a major help!

Putting myself 1st this year is also going to be a major priority! Being able to say “No” to things because I want to…. and definietly knowing my worth. To be completely honest with you guys, I believe in myself 98% of the time, but that other 2% is because there’s always a little bit of doubt in me…. and I honestly believe that’s just human nature. But this time, I’m kicking my doubts to the curb & believing in myself 110% all year.

I literally have an entire list of goals & plans for this year that I am extremely excited about….. but I don’t want to spill the tea on everything because I do want there to be some element of surprise. However, I will let you guys in on this….

New posts on The Official T.Ray are going to be…… well let’s say a lot more short, sweet, and straight to the point. I believe it’ll help me with my consistency & I also believe it’ll be a lot easier for you guys to read…..

So with that being said…. #HappyNewYear & be on the look out for what I have in store for The Official T.Ray in 2020!