Working from home….kinda

So I officially got the “Work from home” message last night…… well not really. I work in a retail store at a high traffic, high volume mall… so “working from home” is going to be a little weird for me :/ but I plan to make the best & the most of this situation.

I do have to admit that I have become some what of a procrastination queen…. there’s no real excuse as to why I haven’t talked to you guys since January! But now that I’m home for a few days…. we have some catching up to do, but I figured with everything that’s going on in the world… it’s my blogger duty to share some ways for all of us to stay motivated, productive, & positive (in between actually working for those who can really work from home).

  1. The first thing we can all do is read (or listen to) the bible or even a new book.
  • Reading the bible, a devotional, or whatever you can to get reassurance from God that he has everything under control should always be a priority….. and especially with everything that’s taking place in our world today, you should definitely designate a moment in your day to do this.
  • Or you can pick up a book that will help entertain you or one that will inspire you! I’m currently reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama!

2. Listen to music!!

  • Apple Music is my favorite app to listen to music…. you can create your own playlists, listen to what your friends are listening to, or listen to playlists that Apple has created…. it’s just that simple. It’s actually a proven fact that listening to music is a creativity booster! This is the perfect time to get creative!

3. Speaking of getting creative; use this time to create some new content for your IG, Youtube Channel, or your blog!

  • We all know that with being stuck in the house, we’re definietly going to be on Instagram and/or Youtube a little bit more than usual…. so use this time to get creative and take some photos and film some new videos. Or if you’re anything like me, write that new blog post that you’ve been putting off for weeks.
  • Don’t have a Youtube channel? Start one! There’s no excuse, You got this!

(Just posted a new video on my IGTV! & I’m currently working on one to post later this week.)

4. There’s one thing that I know most of us have been putting off for far too long…. and I’m here to let everyone know……. CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES! & WASH THOSE BEAUTY SPONGES!

  • I clean my brushes by spraying rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel & I swirl my brush in the alcohol on the paper towel until my brush is clean….I repeat that for all of my brushes and then I let them air dry.
  • For my sponges, I wash them with antibacterial soap… depending on which brand I have on hand, I use Dial or Dawn. I also let my sponges air dry.
  • Take this time to lay out all of your brushes & properly sanitize them, like everything else that you’re using.

5. Self-Care is most important in this time away from work!

  • Try some new face masks. My favorite mask brands are Freeman Beauty, Glam Glow, & Boscia
  • Try a new wine (if you drink white, try a red…. or if you drink sweet, try a dry)
  • Before your read, take some time and meditate.
  • Run yourself a nice hot bubble bath……. whatever you need to do to feel calm & relaxed in this huge pause in life right now, DO IT.

6. And last but not least….. binge watching Netflix is always a good idea!

  • Recently I started watching “On My Block” (with my husband)… but I also started watching “Locke & Key” and don’t judge me but I’m still not done watching “Scandal” :/ (I’m working on my binge watching… I get distracted easily lol) but anyway there’s so much to watch on Netflix….pick something & binge!


We’re all in this together, so let’s help each other out by making suggestions on what we can do to practice REAL SOCIAL DISTANCING! Always, always remember to wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Do everything in your power to not touch your face…. and be sure to sanitize your phone!!!

And last, just remember this is something that we should ALWAYS be doing. Make all of these things habits…. its kind of weird that we have to remind each other of simple hygiene & cleanliness.