My Favorite Immunity Shots/Drinks

Ginger, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, turmeric and a few others are all ingredients that make a great immunity shot! Immunity shots are definitely not a new thing for my husband and I…. we’ve been drinking shots and pressed juices for years now and that’s probably the main reason why we’re able to drink them so easily. Raw/pressed juices don’t always have the best taste, but I can honestly say that knowing the benefits they have and how they aid in wellness is my favorite reason to drink them.

The benefits of immunity shots in short form are reducing of inflammation, aiding in digestion, and boosting immune function. Taking care of your immune system is important year round, but especially in the times that we are living in now…. your immune system should be a top priority. So I’ve put together a small list of my favorite brands that make immunity shots that are an absolute must try!

First up on the list is DROUGHT.

Drought makes The Potion which has apple, lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and oil of oregano. Drought is sold in select stores in Michigan, however there is an option to order online. This may be my absolute favorite shot on my list.


Vive Immunity Boost shot has ginger, turmeric, black pepper, echinacea and pineapple. Vive shots are sold online and can be found in most grocery stores, but I personally buy them from Target and Whole Foods.

Then there’s SO GOOD SO YOU.

SoGood SoYou can be found mostly online, and are sold in some Target stores. The Probiotic Immunity Wellness shot has orange juice, ginger juice, raw honey, and cayenne pepper.

Last but certainly not least on my list is PURE GREEN.

Pure Green actually has two immunity shots that are absolutely amazing but my favorite has to be the Wake Me Up shot. With ginger, lemon, and cayenne… it’ll definitely wake you up!

What do you do to help boost your immunity system?

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