September Beauty Favorites

A full month of beauty favorites that I just have to share! I have really been loving these products and I honestly think you guys need to try them!

First of all, Happy October! I seriously can’t believe how fast (& yet so long) this year has been……but that’s a completely different blog post. Anyway, lets get right into my list of September beauty favorites because time is ticking.

First on my list, Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm.

I have never been a fan of lip balm ( unless it’s Carmex). But I have never been able to find an actual lip balm, that does exactly what Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm does. The packaging is everything, the color, the simplicity, and the fact that I don’t get annoyed at the sight of the tube crinkling from squeezing the product out is so amazing. The lip balm is creamy, smooth and not sticky at all and surprisingly it doesn’t dry up and leave that annoying white line. The best thing about the butter balm for me is that it looks like lip gloss… and what’s even better than that is that when I sleep with the balm on my lips…. my lips are still glossy and moisturized when I wake up! SOLD

Next up, Fenty Skin! Once Riri made the announcement about Fenty Skin I was all the way in! And I am so happy about it!

I’ve been using the Total Cleans’r, Fat Water, & Hydra Vizor since the beginning of August and I can not believe how much my skin loves these products! Even though I knew I had to have all the products, I was super nervous to try them because I had been using the same skin care products since I was about 18 years old. But luckily for me, all of the products have been amazing! I use them consistently and the Hydra Vizor is the perfect base before a full Fenty face! Tbh, I have seen some reviews of people breaking out from the products, however based on my results I highly recommend……. but with anything else, make the best decision for you.

Last but not least, have you guys tried the Flawless Beauty Facial Hair Remover yet? If not, sis! What are you waiting for??

So at the beginning of the whole quarantine life, I started removing the unwanted, really fine hair from my face to give myself a super smooth & clean canvas for makeup days. But it turned into something that I started to enjoy because my face felt so soft & my makeup was looking so good…. so with a little research & some influence, I found the Flawless Beauty brand at Target! I love this cute little hair remover, that I can use anytime, any day, anywhere…… pain free, no redness, no cuts, no irritation. (That’s what sold me, because I wanted to be cautious while I’m using Fenty Skin). It’s the best for a flawless finish & it runs for about $20! Definitely recommend.

My Top 4 Favorite Editing Apps

There’s no secret that I edit my pictures on social media, and honestly there’s no secret that everyone else does it too! I mean let’s be real here, editing your pictures doesn’t mean that you’re changing the size of your nose or making your butt look bigger……. (However, if that’s what YOU want to do, do you boo! To each her own)…… But as for me, I’m just changing the lighting of my background, maybe removing a light switch, smoothing out a random pimple, and just trying to make my IG feed look aesthetically pleasing.

All of the content creators, bloggers, fashionistas, foodies, or whatever someone would like to be known for… edits their pictures. And we all can appreciate that in some way. So I decided to put together a list of my top 4 favorite apps that I use for editing pictures!

First up, Photoshop Fix! — This is step one in my editing process. I use this app to smooth out any unwanted bumps/pimples or wrinkles. After using the smoothing option, I use healing. That’s how I’m able to remove a light switch, a cord, or anything else that I don’t want to be seen in my pictures.

Step 2: VSCO — This is probably my favorite app out of all the apps that I use. This is how I create my “vibe”, my aesthetic….. this is my “preset” app. And I only put preset in quotations because although I use a specific preset, I still change some of the settings to really make it my own.

Step 3: Facetune — I only use this app for one purpose…. to whiten the background of my pictures. (I’m pretty sure I can do that with the first two apps, but I just prefer this one). Lol

And for my final step: I use UNUM — UNUM is a planning app that allows you to see your IG feed in a grid format. This way you’re able to plan when/where/how you want to upload your posts.

I’ve found that all of these apps have been very helpful in creating the kind of content that I enjoy sharing. And I hope that you can find them to be helpful as well. Happy Editing!