My Top 4 Favorite Editing Apps

There’s no secret that I edit my pictures on social media, and honestly there’s no secret that everyone else does it too! I mean let’s be real here, editing your pictures doesn’t mean that you’re changing the size of your nose or making your butt look bigger……. (However, if that’s what YOU want to do, do you boo! To each her own)…… But as for me, I’m just changing the lighting of my background, maybe removing a light switch, smoothing out a random pimple, and just trying to make my IG feed look aesthetically pleasing.

All of the content creators, bloggers, fashionistas, foodies, or whatever someone would like to be known for… edits their pictures. And we all can appreciate that in some way. So I decided to put together a list of my top 4 favorite apps that I use for editing pictures!

First up, Photoshop Fix! — This is step one in my editing process. I use this app to smooth out any unwanted bumps/pimples or wrinkles. After using the smoothing option, I use healing. That’s how I’m able to remove a light switch, a cord, or anything else that I don’t want to be seen in my pictures.

Step 2: VSCO — This is probably my favorite app out of all the apps that I use. This is how I create my “vibe”, my aesthetic….. this is my “preset” app. And I only put preset in quotations because although I use a specific preset, I still change some of the settings to really make it my own.

Step 3: Facetune — I only use this app for one purpose…. to whiten the background of my pictures. (I’m pretty sure I can do that with the first two apps, but I just prefer this one). Lol

And for my final step: I use UNUM — UNUM is a planning app that allows you to see your IG feed in a grid format. This way you’re able to plan when/where/how you want to upload your posts.

I’ve found that all of these apps have been very helpful in creating the kind of content that I enjoy sharing. And I hope that you can find them to be helpful as well. Happy Editing!

T.Ray Tips: How to Create the Perfect Flat lay using your iPhone!

A flat lay is simply a photo of objects arranged on a flat surface, captured from directly above.

I absolutely love a good flat lay, whether it’s fashion, beauty, or home decor…. the excitement it brings me is unbelievable. I’m not sure if it’s the thought that goes into the process or if its the finished product, but I do know that creating flat lays have become one of my favorite things to do when it comes to creating content.

This is one of the few flat lays that I’ve created within the last few weeks, and my IG insights showed that my reach/impressions were at a pretty nice number. And of course numbers isn’t something that you ALWAYS want to pay attention to….. but it definitely helps when you’re in the process of growing your following.

Did I mention that all of the flat lay pictures I create are taken on my iPhone??

YUP! All of them…. my iPhone 11 Pro Max is my best friend! Mainly all of my content comes from my iPhone, so that’s why I’m going to share some helpful tips on how you can create the perfect flat lay by using your iPhone!

*Tip No.1: Choose your flat lay surface.

The purpose of a flat lay is to see products from directly above on a flat surface. So you want to choose a surface like the floor ( the floor itself, carpet or a rug), your bed… on top of the cover or on the sheet. You could even place a sheet on the floor to ensure that the surface is flat enough. And lastly, you can also use a table or a tray.

*Tip No.2: What are you highlighting in your flat lay?

Are you highlighting a bag, clothes, makeup, skin care? Whatever you plan to highlight and showcase in your flat lay, make sure it’s the center of attention piece.

In the flat lay I shared above, I’m highlighting the new notebook that I just recently purchased. When I shared the picture on Instagram my caption said “Am I the only one that gets excited about new notebooks?” That right there already expresses what my flat lay is all about.

Tip No.3: Find things that compliment whatever it is your highlighting in your flat lay.

If your flat lay is about a purse, use things like your wallet, keys, sunglasses, lip gloss. If you want to highlight makeup, use makeup brushes, sponges, a mirror, maybe even some flowers.

In my case, I used a cup of coffee because I decided to post this on my Instagram feed early in the morning…. and if you pay attention to my insta stories, than you already know that I need a cup of coffee every morning to get my day started. Also in the flat lay I show the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm that I also purchased recently, and I wanted to show that it’s a product that I am growing to love and it matches my jewelry and the words on my notebook. And it’s really that simple, lol.

Tip No.4: The most important tip, when using your iPhone to capture flat lay moments be sure that you are using the best lighting (whether that’s natural light from a window or a ring light. You want to be sure that the light hits everything just right. Then be sure to clean off your camera lenses. Something so small as wiping your camera can really change the dynamic of your flat lay.(or any picture, honestly) And last, remember to stand directly over/above your flat lay to get the best image.

Here are a few flat inspiration pictures that I have on my Flat Lay Inspo Pinterest board