True Life: I’m an Exclusive Pumper

What is Exclusive Pumping? Exclusive pumping is when you feed your baby only pumped milk, as opposed to direct breastfeeding.

I decided early in my pregnancy that I didn’t want to directly breastfeed/nurse, it was simply a personal decision & honestly, I didn’t want the baby to solely depend on me for feedings. However, I did want my son to have the nutrients that breastfed babies receive… so I decided that pumping exclusively would be the best route for me.

I expressed to my doctor that pumping exclusively was something that I was leaning towards once the baby got here, and she told me that it would be hard work… but I had no idea what she really meant. I’ve been exclusively pumping for a month now & I thought this would be a great time to share my experience… the good things, the not so good things, the pumps that I use, and how I truly feel about being a mom that pumps exclusively.

First things first, pumping is a full time job! And I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that before, but honey listen… when I say full time, I literally mean FULL time. I start a pumping session (which for me lasts 25/30 minutes), once I’m finished, I try to wash & sterilize my pump parts as soon as I’m done pumping, then I’ll do something like fold laundry or eat & then BOOM 3 hours have flown by & it’s already time for me to pump again! Girl, this thing happens around the clock okay!

One of the things that I enjoy the most about pumping is the actual pump that I use which is an Elvie Pump: “Silent, wearable, smart breast pump. No tubes, no wires, no hassle. Fits in your bra, and your life.” And that is 100% the truth! I enjoy the Elvie so much because it’s extremely convenient, I’m able to move around & do the things that I want without having to be stuck in one spot plugged up to a wall. It’s also a really nice size and aesthetically pleasing lol I mean who wouldn’t love a cute looking pump?

But let’s get back to the actual pumping… one thing that I didn’t expect was how painful it would be. Not painful in a sense that I’m curled up crying, but it hurts to the point where the smallest tap after I pump, I’m ready to let out a little scream. And yes I use nipple cream and nipple pads but my goodness it’s just a lot lol *closes eyes & shakes head*.

But besides the fact that exclusively pumping is a full time job and the aftermath is a bit painful… it’s an extremely rewarding job. I never knew that I would feel so accomplished after a pumping session when I’m transferring milk from my breast pump to a bottle that my son will drink from. Like just think, my son is surviving from a liquid that my body just made *I’m not crying, you are*… it’s truly a beautiful feeling.

My initial decision was to pump & formula feed but I’ve been lucky and blessed enough to be able to pump enough milk that my son hasn’t had to drink any formula in about 3 weeks. With that being said, if for any reason I’m unable to pump I do have a back up plan. Even though I’ve expressed how rewarding it is to be able to pump & provide milk for my son… if at any point I’m unable to continue pumping, I can formula feed and I am 100% okay with. The milk I pump doesn’t define me as a mother, it’s just an added bonus.

Here are a few T.Ray Tips if you have any plans to become an Exclusive Pumper: DISCLAIMER: I’m no expert, remember I’ve only been doing this for a month, but I just want to share what works for me, that could possibly work for you.

+Choose a pumping schedule that works best for you, your baby and your family. I know it’s suggested to pump every 2/3 hours, 8 times a day… but I personally pump every 3/4 hours, 6 times a day (maybe 7, depending on the day). Whatever you decide, just be sure to be consistent.

+Use whatever pumps work best for you. A lot of people use electric pumps (I also have an electric pump) but I’ve only used it twice because it’s not what I prefer. I do recommend giving it a try but in the end do what YOU want for YOU & your BABY. Also, be sure to take advantage of receiving a free pump through your insurance.

+And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask… but again I’m not expert, so be sure to talk to a doctor, lactation consultant, check Tiktok lol, or join a Facebook group… just remember you’re not alone.

And there you have it girl… this is my life as a new exclusive pumping mom.

8 responses to “True Life: I’m an Exclusive Pumper”

  1. JocelynBreanne Avatar

    Once again congrats on the little bundle of joy and blessing! My your motherhood journey be blessed! Thank
    You for sharing your journey it’s nice to hear other mothers prospective both new and old!

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    1. Forgive me for the late response, but thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!


  2. This is Life with Amber Avatar
    This is Life with Amber

    Love this! Definitely taking some tips from this, even though I’ve done it twice before, each time is different! I’m going to be more intentional with pumping & have more of a routine! It’s hard! lol I would also say hand pumps (although more work) worked so good with me my last newborn! You just can get in your own rhythm I guess?! Thanks for sharing Mama!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! Please forgive my late reply… but I hope you’ve been successful with being more intentional about pumping. It’s definitely a commitment but like you said, you’ve done this twice so I’m sure you’re doing great!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I just messaged you about your feelings on this pump. So to click the link and see this was perfect. I’ve never thought to pump exclusively, but you made a very good point when you stated you didn’t want your baby to depend solely on you for milk. I felt that!! This way everyone can help with feedings. I also wanted to invest some cute little glass bottles ☺️My youngest is 7 so I want all the new things 😂thanks again. Congrats and welcome to the hood! Ain’t not good like mommy hood💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so sorry for the late response but yes girl… still loving my pump & still appreciating the fact that I can just hand the baby off to my husband for a feeding & be absolutely okay with that! And the glass bottles are so nice but they can definitely heat up quick lol


  4. Beautifully stated!

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